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Meanings of Names

Beautiful names with beautiful meanings.

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Girl's Name

  • Laila Izdihar Share
    • Laila: Yearning, dark night
    • Izdihar: Flourishing, blooming
  • Lily Akma Share
    • Lily: Lily
    • Akma: Perfection, leader
  • Lina Hayati Share
    • Lina: A devoted one, tender
    • Hayati: Soul, life
  • Liyana Atikah Share
    • Liyana: Gentle, kind, pleasant, friendly
    • Atikah: Generous, more glorious
  • Laela Hidayah Share
    • Laela: Dark night
    • Hidayah: Guide to righteousness
  • Lathifah Mehar Share
    • Lathifah: Gentle, kind, pleasant, friendly
    • Mehar: Kindness, grace
  • Leena Makayla Share
    • Leena: A devoted one, tender
    • Makayla: Gift from God
  • Latifah Sadiqah Share
    • Latifah: Gentle, kind, pleasant, friendly
    • Sadiqah: Truthful
  • Liyyan Najiyah Share
    • Liyyan: Gentle, kind, pleasant, friendly
    • Najiyah: Safe
  • Lillyann Sharifah Share
    • Lillyann: Lily
    • Sharifah: Noble
  • Lujaina Ani Share
    • Lujaina: Silver
    • Ani: Decency
  • Lashira Rafanda Share
    • Lashira: Smart
    • Rafanda: Praise, lucky
  • Lamees Lily Share
    • Lamees: Soft to the touch
    • Lily: Lily
  • Labibah Syamimi Share
    • Labibah: Sensible, intelligent
    • Syamimi: My fragrance
  • Leyla Arfah Share
    • Leyla: Night
    • Arfah: Greatness
  • Layanah Rawdha Share
    • Layanah: Gentle, subtlety
    • Rawdha: Garden
  • Luthfiyah Azhara Share
    • Luthfiyah: Elegent, graceful, kind and friendly
    • Azhara: Flowers, blossoms, Most shining, luminous
  • Lamisa Numa Share
    • Lamisa: Soft to the touch
    • Numa: Beautiful and pleasant
  • Layyin Azyan Share
    • Layyin: Soft, gentle
    • Azyan: One who possesses wisdom
  • Latafat Hanina Share
    • Latafat: Variety
    • Hanina: Missing
  • Laali Shafiyyah Share
    • Laali: Diamond, Pearl
    • Shafiyyah: Untroubled, serene, pure, best friend
  • Luthfia Hanan Share
    • Luthfia: Elegent, graceful, kind and friendly
    • Hanan: Love, sustenance, blessing


Boy's Name

  • Lujain Dhaifullah Share
    • Lujain: Silver
    • Dhaifullah: Guest of Allah
  • Lubaid Dizhwar Share
    • Lubaid: Wealthy
    • Dizhwar: Mean, strong
  • Liyyan Faiz Share
    • Liyyan: Gentle, kind, pleasant, friendly
    • Faiz: Victorious, winner
  • Lamin Harith Share
    • Lamin: Faith
    • Harith: Ploughman, cultivator
  • Lutfi Syukur Share
    • Lutfi: Kind and friendly
    • Syukur: Thankful
  • Lisana Shidqin Manan Share
    • Lisana Shidqin: A good speech
    • Manan: Generous
  • Lamees Dzakwan Share
    • Lamees: Soft to the touch
    • Dzakwan: Aromatic
  • Labib Maajid Share
    • Labib: Sensible, intelligent
    • Maajid: Glorious
  • Lutfan Fidai Share
    • Lutfan: Elegent, graceful, kind and friendly
    • Fidai: Redemption, sacrifice
  • Latif Razin Share
    • Latif: Gentle, kind, pleasant, friendly
    • Razin: Precious
  • Lazman Atma Share
    • Lazman: Fixed, firm
    • Atma: Soul
  • Labeeb Ayaaz Share
    • Labeeb: Sensible, intelligent
    • Ayaaz: Slave (Persian)
  • Laith Harraz Share
    • Laith: Lion
    • Harraz: Very pious
  • Layyin Kamaluddin Share
    • Layyin: Soft, gentle
    • Kamaluddin: perfection of faith
  • Labid Itisham Share
    • Labid: Name of one of Muhammad's (SAW) companions
    • Itisham: Keep away from immoral acts
  • Luqman Saifuddin Share
    • Luqman: A Prophet's name
    • Saifuddin: Sword of faith
  • Luth Suhail Share
    • Luth: A Prophet's name
    • Suhail: Smooth, soft, fluent, flowing
  • Luthfi Quds Share
    • Luthfi: Kind and friendly
    • Quds: Holiness, sanctity
  • Lazim Saif Share
    • Lazim: Fixed, firm
    • Saif: Sword
  • Liaqat Zain Share
    • Liaqat: Ability
    • Zain: Good, jewelry
  • Lathif Dini Share
    • Lathif: Gentle, kind, pleasant, friendly
    • Dini: My faith



Choosing a meaningful Islamic name

It's always a joy when Allah blesses you with a child. Children bring happiness and joy, but also trials and great responsibilities. One of the very first duties you have toward your new child, besides physical care and love, is to give your child a name that carries honor and Islamic meaning behind it.

It is reported that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "On the Day of Resurrection, you will be called by your names and by your fathers' names, so give yourselves good names." (Hadith Abu Dawud)

Remember, just because a name stems from a certain language or culture, doesn't mean that it has a good Islamic meaning. Several of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) changed their own Arabic names, because the meanings of their names connoted wickedness.

For example, someone named Harb ("war") had his name changed to Silm ("peace"), and one named Al-Munba'ith ("one who lies") became Al-Mudtaji' ("one who stands up," i.e. for the truth).


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