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Meanings of Names

Beautiful names with beautiful meanings.

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Girl's Name

  • Dahmani Lamees Share
    • Dahmani: Divided
    • Lamees: Soft to the touch
  • Daliyah Zahidah Share
    • Daliyah: Grape tree
    • Zahidah: Self-denying or ascetic
  • Darin Nawar Share
    • Darin: A flower
    • Nawar: Flower
  • Damiaa Dina Share
    • Damiaa: Blessed
    • Dina: Faith, belief
  • Daneen Nawal Share
    • Daneen: Princess
    • Nawal: Gift
  • Dini Afia Share
    • Dini: My faith
    • Afia: Vigour/vitality
  • Dhafwatul Aisy Farha Share
    • Dhafwatul Aisy: Smooth, soft, fluent, flowing
    • Farha: Happiness
  • Dhabitah Luthfia Share
    • Dhabitah: Strong memory
    • Luthfia: Elegent, graceful, kind and friendly
  • Dzahabiyah Dana Share
    • Dzahabiyah: Golden heart
    • Dana: Intelligent
  • Deema Ezzah Share
    • Deema: Rain cloud
    • Ezzah: A person who gives the honour, respect
  • Dalia Damiaa Share
    • Dalia: A flower
    • Damiaa: Blessed
  • Daamah Rasyidah Share
    • Daamah: Columns, pillars
    • Rasyidah: Wise, mature
  • Dhamrah Dhuha Share
    • Dhamrah: Name of one of Muhammad's (SAW) companions
    • Dhuha: Forenoon
  • Dalila Jannah Share
    • Dalila: Proof
    • Jannah: Paradise
  • Dhaniyah Amna Share
    • Dhaniyah: Improved, refined
    • Amna: Peace
  • Dafinah Darsah Share
    • Dafinah: Protected wealth
    • Darsah: One who is intelligent, memorize
  • Dzaibah Afeeya Share
    • Dzaibah: Chase
    • Afeeya: Vigour/vitality
  • Dinar Wafa Share
    • Dinar: Monetary gold
    • Wafa: Faithfulness, loyalty
  • Damaris Saila Share
    • Damaris: Gentle, polite (Yunani)
    • Saila: Sunshine
  • Dara Hawani Share
    • Dara: Possessor, sovereign
    • Hawani: Loving mother
  • Dhamirah Aniqah Share
    • Dhamirah: Soul
    • Aniqah: One who is beautiful
  • Duha Dalidah Share
    • Duha: Forenoon
    • Dalidah: Of noble birth
  • Dhahikah Firdawsi Share
    • Dhahikah: One who likes to laugh, the white stone on the mountain
    • Firdawsi: Highest garden in Paradise
  • Dhuha Arshiya Share
    • Dhuha: Forenoon
    • Arshiya: Divine
  • Dayani Latafat Share
    • Dayani: Devotions
    • Latafat: Variety
  • Durar Zada Share
    • Durar: Diamond, pearl
    • Zada: Praise, lucky
  • Darsah Imani Share
    • Darsah: One who is intelligent, memorize
    • Imani: My faith, my belief
  • Diyari Fariaah Share
    • Diyari: Hadiah
    • Fariaah: Glorious
  • Dinah Daamah Share
    • Dinah: Faith, belief
    • Daamah: Columns, pillars
  • Dhamanah Mariah Share
    • Dhamanah: Assurance, security
    • Mariah: One who is pure


Boy's Name

  • Dhafir Waiz Share
    • Dhafir: Victory
    • Waiz: One who gives valuable advice
  • Dawud Qaid Share
    • Dawud: A Prophet's name
    • Qaid: Leader
  • Dhaif Yazdan Share
    • Dhaif: Guest
    • Yazdan: Compassionate, sympathetic
  • Dafinah Khuwailid Share
    • Dafinah: Protected wealth
    • Khuwailid: Eternal
  • Dhuyuf Hauzan Share
    • Dhuyuf: Guest
    • Hauzan: Human
  • Dzaki Nasser Share
    • Dzaki: Intelligent, Pure
    • Nasser: Protector, victorious
  • Dawani Fathi Share
    • Dawani: Divided
    • Fathi: Triumph
  • Dhaifullah Ridwan Share
    • Dhaifullah: Guest of Allah
    • Ridwan: Content, satisfied
  • Dhamir Yaseen Share
    • Dhamir: The slender
    • Yaseen: A Prophet's name
  • Dzatil Imad Mahmud Share
    • Dzatil Imad: Tall buildings
    • Mahmud: The praised one; variation of the name Muhammad
  • Dziban Nazir Share
    • Dziban: Repellent, assistant
    • Nazir: Like, equal, matching
  • Dhaffa Yasser Share
    • Dhaffa: Victory
    • Yasser: Easy, blessed, living well
  • Durar Sulaimi Share
    • Durar: Diamond, pearl
    • Sulaimi: My peace
  • Dzakka Allam Share
    • Dzakka: Intelligent, Pure
    • Allam: Most knowledgable
  • Daud Arfan Share
    • Daud: A Prophet's name
    • Arfan: Gratitude
  • Dabir Dizhwar Share
    • Dabir: Secretary
    • Dizhwar: Mean, strong
  • Durrani Zahiruddin Share
    • Durrani: My diamond
    • Zahiruddin: Protector of religion
  • Dizhwar Din Share
    • Dizhwar: Mean, strong
    • Din: Faith, belief
  • Dhul Fiqar Zuhaily Share
    • Dhul Fiqar: Name of the Prophets sword
    • Zuhaily: Peace
  • Dhamiri Waldan Share
    • Dhamiri: My soul
    • Waldan: Newborn child
  • Dzakwan Aliuddin Share
    • Dzakwan: Aromatic
    • Aliuddin: Excellence of religion
  • Daniyal Ariffin Share
    • Daniyal: A prophet's name
    • Ariffin: Fluent, wise
  • Darul Muqomah Syahir Share
    • Darul Muqomah: Eternal place, heaven
    • Syahir: Famous
  • Dhabith Fuad Share
    • Dhabith: Strong memory
    • Fuad: Heart
  • Dzikra Rahmuni Share
    • Dzikra: Warning, commented
    • Rahmuni: Loving
  • Dzil Awtad Nusrat Share
    • Dzil Awtad: One who have a lot of army
    • Nusrat: Victory
  • Dhahir Harun Share
    • Dhahir: One who give help
    • Harun: A Prophet's name
  • Dhariun Jamil Share
    • Dhariun: Humble
    • Jamil: Beautiful
  • Dzalkifli Nuh Share
    • Dzalkifli: One who has the ability
    • Nuh: A Prophet's name
  • Daris Munir Share
    • Daris: Student
    • Munir: Brilliant, shining



Choosing a meaningful Islamic name

It's always a joy when Allah blesses you with a child. Children bring happiness and joy, but also trials and great responsibilities. One of the very first duties you have toward your new child, besides physical care and love, is to give your child a name that carries honor and Islamic meaning behind it.

It is reported that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "On the Day of Resurrection, you will be called by your names and by your fathers' names, so give yourselves good names." (Hadith Abu Dawud)

Remember, just because a name stems from a certain language or culture, doesn't mean that it has a good Islamic meaning. Several of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) changed their own Arabic names, because the meanings of their names connoted wickedness.

For example, someone named Harb ("war") had his name changed to Silm ("peace"), and one named Al-Munba'ith ("one who lies") became Al-Mudtaji' ("one who stands up," i.e. for the truth).


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