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Arumi Aisy

Related Name
Abdul Karim Servant of The Most Generous
Abdul Rahim Servant of The Merciful
Abdul Rahman Servant of The Most Compassionate
Abrisam Soft hearted, gentle
Afraima Fertile
Akram Most generous
Akramah Name of one of Muhammad's (SAW) companions
Arimi Big
Arman Desire, purpose
Armel Princess
Arqam Name of one of Muhammad's (SAW) companions
At-Tirmidzi Narrators of hadiths
Badrulmunir Moon glow
Darul Muqomah Eternal place, heaven
Ermina Friendly
Firman Wise, clever, smart
Hadrami Divided
Ibrahim A Prophet's name
Ibrisim Silk
Ikram Honor, hospitality, generosity
Karami Of good and honorable character
Kareem Generous, noble, friendly, precious and distinguished
Kareema Generous, noble, friendly, precious and distinguished
Karim Generous
Karimah Generous
Karman Generous
Khuwarizmi Divided
Kiram Glorious
Kiraman Glorious
Makarim Of good and honorable character
Maram Asperation
Mariam Mother of Isa (pbuh)
Maryam Mother of Isa (pbuh)
Rahimah Merciful, compassionate
Rahman Generous
Rahmat Blessed, compassionate, sympathetic
Rahmi Blessed, compassionate, sympathetic
Rahmuni Loving
Abbas Description of a lion
Abbasy Hardworking
Abdul Basit Servant of the Extender
Abdul Hasib Servant of the Accounter
Abdul Nasir Servant of The Most Victorious
Abdul Quddus Servant of The Most Pure
Abdul Rasyid Servant of The Righteous
Abdul Sabur Servant of The Most Patient One
Abdul Salam Servant of The Source of Peace
Abdul Samad Servant of The Most Satisfier of All Needs
Abdul Sami Servant of The All-Hearing
Abdul Shakur Servant of The Most Thankful
Abdul Syakur Servant of The Most Thankful
Abrisam Soft hearted, gentle
Absarina Our sight
Absyar Joyous
Abu Samah Forgiving
Abu Wasim Handsome
Adresia Phenomenon
Afsar Clearer
Afsheen Shining like a star
Ahmas Energetic, full of life
Ahsan The best
Airis Iris
Aisar Smooth, soft, fluent, flowing
Aish Life
Aishah Name of prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) wife
Aisyah Name of prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) wife
Akasyah Confident
Aleesa Protected by God
Alisha Protected by God
Almas Diamond
Altamis General, leader
An-Nasaai Narrators of hadiths
Aneesa Maiden, entertaining female companion
Anis Maiden, entertaining female companion
Anisah Maiden, entertaining female companion
Ansar Helper, supporter
Ansari My helper, my supporter
Aqashah Confident
Arisha Highness
Arissa Bright
Arshiya Divine
Asaad Happiness
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Choosing a meaningful Islamic name

It's always a joy when Allah blesses you with a child. Children bring happiness and joy, but also trials and great responsibilities. One of the very first duties you have toward your new child, besides physical care and love, is to give your child a name that carries honor and Islamic meaning behind it.

It is reported that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "On the Day of Resurrection, you will be called by your names and by your fathers' names, so give yourselves good names." (Hadith Abu Dawud)

Remember, just because a name stems from a certain language or culture, doesn't mean that it has a good Islamic meaning. Several of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) changed their own Arabic names, because the meanings of their names connoted wickedness.

For example, someone named Harb ("war") had his name changed to Silm ("peace"), and one named Al-Munba'ith ("one who lies") became Al-Mudtaji' ("one who stands up," i.e. for the truth).

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